Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The pricing of Small Group Health Policies are subject to pricing variables and vary from Broker to Broker.

A: FALSE – Small Group Pricing on health plans are set by the State of New Jersey. There are several variables that do effect pricing and they include; the ages of the people on the census, the number of men/women on the census, the plan components offered and much more.

Q: Using a Broker for my insurance will be expensive.

A: FALSE – Using a Broker will not increase the amount that you pay for your health benefits; it only increases the amount of service and the quality of information that you have available.

Q: It’s impossible to get health coverage for an individual that doesn’t have group coverage or affiliation.

A: FALSE – Individual Health Coverage is available. Go to Health Benefits Section and click on the individual tab to get an individual quote.

Q: There are a lot of benefits in using a Broker that provides customer service and support.

A: TRUE – Coastal Financial Group’s Service Team provides service directly with the insurance providers. You won’t need to spend hours on the phone on hold dialing through a maze of automated systems. Just call us, fax us, e-mail us your request and our team of dedicated professionals will deal with getting you the answer. Claims, coverage and status requests are dealt with immediately and promptly.