11.4M Consumers Selected ACA Health Insurance Exchange Plans in 2019

Approximately 11.4 million consumers either selected or were automatically re-enrolled in Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance exchange plans during the open enrollment period in 2019, according to CMS’s open enrollment report.

This number has stayed relatively steady since 2018, when CMS reported that 11.8 million members selected or automatically re-enrolled in these health plans.

CMS evaluated the 39 states that use the HealthCare.gov eligibility and enrollment platform, as well as the 12 state-based exchanges (SBEs) that use their own eligibility and enrollment platforms.

The report shows that the total number of consumers selecting health plans declined minimally since 2018, with about 300,000 fewer members selecting plans in 2019 than last year.

CMS noted that this decline was likely due to an increase in the number of individuals with access to employer-sponsored health plans, which would result in a lower demand for exchange coverage.

Additionally, the agency said the decline could be attributed to the roughly 100,000 people who were enrolled in the exchange in Virginia at the end of 2018, and who reported incomes that would make them eligible for the Virginia Medicaid expansion in 2019.

Of the 11.4 total enrollees, 8.4 million purchased coverage through the HealthCare.gov platform, a 1.5 percent decrease from 2018.  Three million consumers used state-based exchanges.