Horizon BCBSNJ Brief Notes V. 22, No. 900

Horizon BCBSNJ Brief Notes V. 22, No. 900
Nationwide Dental Network for Blue Cross and Blue Shield Customers.

Applies to: All markets

Nationwide Dental Network for Blue Cross and Blue Shield Customers

Seamless in-network access to dentists means greater convenience, savings in all 50 states

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey and a consortium of Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans announced an initiative that creates one of the nation’s largest networks of dentists. The solution, National Dental GRID, links the dental networks of most of the nation’s Blue plans to provide customers with a hassle-free solution for stronger access and in-network discounts across the country.

The National Dental GRID and National Dental GRID + are industry-leading dental network solutions for group customers. Now, our dental customers with employees in multiple states can have the convenience of savings and peace of mind that’s instantly made possible by this impressive, shared national network.

  • The National Dental GRID will be offered to 51+ PPO groups.
  • The National Dental GRID + network is a broader network that will be offered to small group DOP, and 51+ DOP groups.

The national dental network solutions are free from access fees that add up for customers using leased networks. This means better pricing for the groups that purchase dental benefits for their employees, in addition to the network savings the employees receive. And for dentists, it means more patients because they are in network for participating Blue plans nationwide.

Multi-state employers expect a simple, uniform experience across all locations where employees work  and it’s one of the key advantages of the network. Customers reap the advantages of a national network solution without any changes to the way they currently work with their Home

  • Member benefits Home plan ID cards, Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and plan benefits continue to be managed by the Home plan.
  • Group benefits  All account management services are received from the Home plan.
  • Additional benefits  Customer service, web access and claims processing take place through the Home plan.

Attached for your reference are questions and answers to help your clients understand the nationwide dentist networks.

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